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Pallernet Cyberworks

a division of the Tigerman Enterprises organization

Customer Relationship Management

Pallernet Cyberworks provides services in support of Customer Relationship Management using a WordPress website.  The new business requirements introduced with your company’s enhanced Internet presence will often require new or modified customer relationship management business processes in order to continue with its day-to-day activities.  This would typically involve managing customer support through additional channels, such as email and chat messaging.  Processing customer orders received through your e-commerce website impacts activities related to payment processing, order fulfillment and product inventory management, at a bare minimum.

Your company’s enhanced online CRM capability must be integrated with your website functions.  Pallernet Cyberworks is uniquely qualified to provide the necessary services needed to handle and process:

  • brand management,
  • online brochures,
  • customer interactivity,
  • product ordering,
  • service appointments; and
  • full e-commerce responsiveness.

With electronic transaction processing being an essential requirement for any online business, managing these transactions for small businesses can become quite an adventure.  Pallernet Cyberworks provides solutions for managing your e-commerce transactions promptly and reliably.  The solutions provided can meet a wide range of requirements; from simple product catalog inquiries to complex customer shopping cart and payment processing transactions.  Pallernet Cyberworks will ensure that these WordPress CRM solutions are ultimately integrated with your existing sales, reporting and accounting systems. 

Finally, Pallernet Cyberworks would be constantly keeping you up-to-date with WordPress CRM business process modifications and the website enhancements required in order for your organization to achieve its optimal CRM performance.