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Pallernet Cyberworks

a division of the Tigerman Enterprises organization

SEO Analysis

Search Engine Optimization

SEO Analysis is all about setting the parameters for the website content that will go into the design and development of a website that ranks on the first page of the search engine results returned for the words or phrases searched as it relates to the subject matter of your organization’s website. Google is the world’s best known and most widely used search engine. In fact, Google’s company name is becoming the generic term used by people to talk about searching for something on the Internet. You can often hear such phrases as, “Why don’t you just Google that company to find out all about it?”

The marketplace is full of schemes, and scams, related to getting your website higher in the search engine results. In reality, only a small number of people in the world really know the detailed formulas used by the search engines to bring back results for a particular search term. All that is known for sure is that the results are based on the keywords (ie., search terms) contained in your webpage text, the quality of that text and what’s known as the ‘velocity’ of your website. Velocity is generally defined as the number of people who have accessed your site, how long they have stayed there and the number of times other websites have linked to your website for one reason or another.

Organic SEO Analysis

When these things happen naturally, it is known as organic SEO. Pallernet Cyberworks performs the necessary SEO Analysis tasks related to keyword analysis, building your website’s velocity and its intelligent Website Content development. Velocity is further enhanced by referencing your website in other forums and blog content.  Contact Us to find out more about how Pallernet Cyberworks can assist in your organization’s SEO Analysis.