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Pallernet Cyberworks

a division of the Tigerman Enterprises organization

Managing Your Internet Presence

Managing Your Internet Presence is a service with the primary goal of putting your business in the best possible light on the Internet.  This involves the establishment of proper customer relationship management business processes that enable your organization to effectively deal with and respond to customer inquiries, feedback and problems. 

The Internet relationship with your customers requires that your company establishes straightforward and well-documented procedures for dealing with the customer on all levels.  At the broadest level, this Customer Relationship Management, or CRM, approach includes a comprehensive strategy for establishing, enhancing and managing your Internet presence across the major social media networks; including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  In addition, it is often necessary to manage email and online chat capabilities to provide the highest quality customer service.
Pallernet Cyberworks will guide you through the entire process of establishing and managing your initial and ongoing Internet presence.   We will consult with you and develop a detailed plan for the successful implementation of your Website, Blog, Facebook Page/Group, Twitter capability, LinkedIn profile and other networks specific to your industry.  Pallernet Cyberworks maintains knowledge and expertise in the various tools & functions vital to managing your Internet presence.  These include:

  • Identifying and registering your domain name; eg., www.yourbusiness.com.  Domain Name registration is usually provided as part of an overall web solution; however, Pallernet Cyberworks will register one or more domain/sub-domain names quickly and efficiently.  As well as, ensuring your domain name’s use throughout your other Internet locations.
  • Website and/or Blog development and management using the WordPress platform.
  • Facebook page development and management.  This includes the design, development and implementation of your Facebook business page, as well as the management of its content and day-to-day activity. 
  • Development and management of your Twitter and LinkedIn business profiles, along with the management of the customer interactions involved.

Once your initial Internet presence has been established, Pallernet Cyberworks will take the responsible of managing your overall Internet presence, as necessary.  This is comprised of the proper maintenance of activity on the various platforms which contribute to your overall Internet presence. 

It will be in your organization’s best interest to engage Pallernet Cyberworks to develop a plan for meeting your Internet and social media marketing business goals and objectives.  Pallernet Cyberworks has the know-how and technical capability to make this happen at a reasonable price. 

Lastly, Pallernet Cyberworks ensures that your customer is fully aware of the level of support they can expect from your organization.