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Pallernet Cyberworks

a division of the Tigerman Enterprises organization

Gregory Paller

245 Whitman St
Haworth NJ 07641
1 201 308 5816
cell: 1 201 359 7316

Skype: gregory.paller



Obtain a position contributing to the development or enhancement of applications related to an organization’s customer relationship management; including, customer information, customer support and customer communication. Such a role would benefit from my skills and attention to detail in the areas of communication management, issue management and project administration.

Career Summary

An action oriented, globally experienced IT consultant with 17 years of systems development experience in customer relationship management at Accenture; a leading global technology and management consulting organization. Steady growth encompassed several roles providing the opportunity to apply application development and enhancement skills to all phases of the development effort.

Professional Competencies

My core expertise is in customer relationship management, business analysis, application development, client management, and team leadership. My detailed skills are highlighted here:

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer profile design
Customer communication management
Billing / Accounts Receivable system development and operation
Customer profile design
Customer communication management
Customer Information / Billing / Accounts Receivable system development and operation

Business Analysis

Business Process Analysis
Business Requirements Assessment
Functional Requirements Analysis
Data Analysis

Application Development

Website design, development and maintenance
Program detailed design, code and test
Database design
System Test: Application, Integration and User Test
System Test Management: issue resolution, metrics management and reporting
Batch Architecture design and operation

Client Management

Status Reporting
Financial Management and Billing

Team Leadership

Work planning and priorities
Task estimating and schedule monitoring
Issue resolution and work prioritization
Metrics management and reporting
Management issue identification
Personnel evaluation

Applications / Software

MS Office; Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook Customer Information Systems
MSFront Page 2003, MSVisual Web Developer Customer Billing Systems
HTML, COBOL, SQL Quickbooks Small Business Accounting
DB2 Relational Database Management System Mainframe Job Control Language (JCL)

Recent Professional Experience

Tigerman Enterprises (www.tigermanenterprises.com) January 2001 – Current

Current Activities:

Working with various clients developing websites and web content under the GTC Services division.
Developing an e-commerce website to establish the internet presence for a small arts and crafts business.
Marketing and sales of herbal health and beauty products of this international concern under the
HnV Products division.


Completed various web content development assignments; examples of which may be found at my web portfolio.
Developed and presented prototype websites for 4 small businesses.
Developed, implemented and /or managed the following client websites:
+ www.marinwoodrealestateblog.com
+ www.bayarearealestatesales.com
+ www.ilafharis.com

Linx ADS (www.linx.com.au) June – September 2007

Role / Responsibility: Business analysis related to the TollWorks freight management system.


Completed and obtained business unit approval on the functional specification for the Accounts Receivable CR / DR Journal Entry redesign.

Related Professional Experience

With Accenture / Anderson Consulting, I achieved consistent professional growth throughout my career (July 1984 – June 2001) encompassing several roles that provided me the opportunity to apply my Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Application Development skills. These roles and the associated client projects are summarized here:

Customer Relationship Management
Review Analyst January – March 2000

Role / Responsibility:

Review of the billing system engineered to process offshore and ship-to-shore communications transactions. The analysis of the new system’s functionality was based on the experiences obtained developing previous telephone billing systems. Prepared final report detailing the review’s findings and recommendations.

Project: Billing System Review

Client: Telstra


Confirmed that the correct expenditure of funds toward the development of the new billing system had been made.

Architectural Analyst September 1998 – February 1999

Role / Responsibility:

Conducted workshops to formulate the client’s overall customer care and billing strategy.

Project: Customer Care Strategy

Client: BellCanada


Defined the client acceptable customer care and billing architecture strategy resulting in additional client work related to the development of the architecture.

Review Analyst May – August 1998

Role / Responsibility:

Program management of the archiving project. Reviewed the project scope, goals, processes and schedule to determine whether it would meet its planned commitments.

Project: Archiving Project Review

Client: Telstra


Developed recommendations that motivated significant management action resulting in the achievement of project commitments related to system functionality, benefits and delivery schedule.

Architecture Analyst August – October 1997

Role / Responsibility:

Member of the expert team that developed the billing architecture strategy for NTT’s long distance telephone company. Identified the key business drivers and requirements for the billing processes and architecture. Prepared the sections related to cost estimates, interface development and conversion in the subsequent proposal.

Project: Billing Architecture Strategy

Client: Nippon Telephone & Telegraph (NTT)


Development of the proposed billing system architecture strategy. This resulted in further responsibilities developing the staffing model and resource requirements for the first phase of work.

Business Requirements Analyst May – July 1996

Role / Responsibility:

Identification of the key business drivers and requirements for the billing processes and architecture. Interviewed key senior management individuals, organized external research surveys and conducted focus groups.

Project: Billing Architecture Strategy

Client: AT&T


Communicated the findings in such a way that AT&T was in agreement with the business foundation for the billing system architecture.

Application Development
Team Leader – Software Packaging August 1996 – July 1997

Role / Responsibility:

Managed a team of 25 people deployed to package Telstra’s billing system for license to other telecommunications service providers. Responsible for project finances, human resources, work planning and task management. Worked with senior management to establish processes and procedures ensuring the asset was made available in a form that safeguarded Telstra’s intellectual property.

Project: Software Asset Packaging

Client: Telstra


Enabled the sale of the billing system through the completion of the extract of the software and documentation from the production environment.

Team Leader – Release Delivery May 1994 – April 1995

Role / Responsibility:

Directly reported to the National Development Manager having responsibility for the overall strategy, policies, procedures, staffing and quality management of the release delivery group. Resolved project issues involving the teams completing the detailed design, construction, system test, and implementation of the software enhancement releases.

Project: Application Release Delivery

Client: Telstra


Implementation of quarterly software releases by managing a group of 150 consultant, client and contractor personnel through the software development and deployment.

Team Leader – Reference Data Development January 1993 – April 1994

Role / Responsibility:

Provided the client expert assistance during the establishment of the teams responsible for the billing system’s strategic product, pricing and invoicing reference data development and testing. Set the scope and direction for these teams.

Project: Application Reference Data Management

Client: Telstra


Effective billing system operation through the establishment of the policies and procedures related to the business unit maintenance of the product and pricing reference data.

Product Pricing Application Development August 1991 – December 1992

Role / Responsibility:

Development lead for the product pricing application of the customer billing system. Developed pricing and discounting capabilities in conjunction with the corporate marketing group. Lead a team of 20 consultants and client personnel in the development of the software and its detailed design, coding and testing documentation.

Project: Billing System Development

Client: Telstra


Built the capability to bill millions of business and residential telecommunications customers by leading the development team through the design and construction of the product pricing application.

Professional Training / Education

Bachelor of Science; Technological Institute
Northwestern University
Chicago USA

Accenture provided extensive internal technical and management training expecting attendance approximately every 9 to 12 months. I attended several courses including:

eNOW – Leading The Way
Project Management for System Integrators
System Installation I
System Installation II

Post Graduate eCommerce Study
Swinburne Institute of Technology
Melbourne Australia